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On a demandé à un Quantitative Investment Research & Engineering...23 mars 2022

- What do you know about Othoz - Walk me through your CV - Questions about your master thesis - Why you? - etc.

Putnam Investments

What’s your view on inflation ? How would you trade inflation based on your view described in previous question? Average quantitative questions about Fed policy and broader macroeconomic outlook


Machine Learning concepts and a bunch of behavioural/ competency questions which I felt I did really well in.


What is a martingale? Describe Black-Scholes.

Dimensional Fund Advisors

Behavior questions and some easy technical questions.

Fidelity Investments

1. Briefly describe a project you were proud of? 2. Explain a time where you persuaded someone to see your side of things.

Fidelity Investments

What's a recent article you read that you think relates to quantitative investing?

Bank of America

Most recent internship experience, questions about model development and model validation.

Dimensional Fund Advisors

Do you remember digital logic from EECS courses?

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