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On a demandé à un Radar Systems Engineer...9 septembre 2020

Test in inglese iniziale e poi domande sulle skill personali classiche da HR

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Pakistan Air Force

what is radar?

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i describe the word Radar which is founder in 1940

US Marine Corps

Why do you want to be here?

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Because I have no choice.

Technology Service Corporation

How do you feel about travel?


technical questions about the role posted

Saab Grintek

What is your ideal job?

Continental Automotive Group

sampling theorem, dopler's effect, Radar system, FM

ASRC Federal Holding Company

Have you done any work in C/C++?

Ursa Space Systems

Behavioral questions, with some questions about general coding knowledge

Met Office

FIR & IIR Filter, Python Code questions, Benefits for surface mount devices. Why do you want to work for met office? Tell me about career and why did you chose different companies? Can you work within a team? What is your preferred way for working, self or team work? what role you would be most comfortable when working within a team? Who are the main customer for met office?

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