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Can you describe your cv.

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Describe your cv.

The CV is on paper and it follows a certain format that even a squirrel can read and understand. I used to know one guy who could not read and used to ask fellow employees to read things to him. I wonder if this is the guy who took your interview. Anyway, I am curious as to the following: 1. Why did you read out your CV to him? I would have just said, "Have you got a copy of my CV? Well, all the information is there." 2. Why oh why did you follow up with the agent after their misbehavior? 3. The person that interviewed you, was he Indian or Chinese? If they are asking you to do their reading for them even before an interview, imagine what they will ask for if you get and accept the job: "Yo, Steve, can you turn on my computer for me? And while you are at it, read out my email for me." I had a similar experience with Huawei. I was interviewed for an Architect position in the outsourcing capital of the world: Bangalore. I did clear all the interview, but refused their offer due to misbehavior from the Head if HR: She asked me ridiculous questions and continued to try my patience till I upped and left. She apparently wasn't able to grasp the finer points in the conversation, telling her that this line of questioning was unprofessional. I don't blame these people for their misbehavior, I blame their parents!

Hey Anonymous, just read your comment one year later! 1. The question wasn't repeat the cv, the question was explain the highlights. 2. Because I wanted to find out if this was for real or not. 3. English. There's some very wrong - the line manager appeared to be in a complete mess and seemed very able to let me (as a candidate) know that. Very disappointing.

Present Microsoft message queue products and choose the most appropriate

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What would you describe as the most important elements a PM has?

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What extra could you bring to BizSpace?

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Presentation on previous product management example

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How would I handle a disagreement with a colleague.

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Have you been a Store Manager before

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What are your aspirations?

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Experienced based

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Included CV run through and details of certain points, why you are interested in Vodafone etc

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