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Questions didn't give any actual value added. The first lasted way too long for no specific reasons. for me, interviews should be efficient, straight to the point and straight forward and with very smart questions. I had a second interview that was set for 1h and I only had 20mns where I actually had to rush and give the max info, while I came from a 1h40mns draining interview.

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I was given a feedback 2 weeks after, after I have sent many emails. In terms on candidate experience, this was really bad and terrible all the way. I am a recruiter, I'm not perfect but I know how important it is to leave a good image to your candidates whether they pass or not, and to leave a good image to your clients too. It's always important to keep the candidate in the loop, to prepare the interviews (this is the company culture, or you might expect these type of questions, or these are the key things they'll try to assess etc, to collect feedback from the candidate and to give feedback after the interviews.

Tell me about your experience.

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Etes-vous le bon candidat pour ce poste et sommes-nous la bonne entreprise pour vous ?

De quoi êtes vous le plus fier dans votre vie ?

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What type of management do you expect

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Tell me a bit about yourself - What were your previous work experiences - why did you chose working in Poland...

Qu'elle est la chose la plus audacieuse que tu ai pu faire da ta vie perso ?

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