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On a demandé à un Regional Account Manager...21 mai 2017

What salary are you looking for

2 réponses

I answered with a range; nothing specific

What's your budget?

Granite Telecommunications

Why would you want to cold call 100 plus people a day

2 réponses

To make money

cold calls lead to referrals and that is information and numbers game.

Cogent Communications

Are you familiar with DIA services for business

2 réponses

I am familiar with DIA services for business

DIA dedicated internet access


What is your experience?

2 réponses

I explained my education, training, work history, & personal interest related to the position. Moins

How did they let you know you didn't get the job?


Describe three things you are not good at.

2 réponses

dealing with dishonest people; accepting the status quo as the norm; allowing the competition to dictate my terms of business Moins

I never had this variation of question before, I tried to think but could not come up with 3. I said 2 things and then gave an explanation of how I work to overcome them. Moins


What is one thing you are very good at that you wouldn't go again?

2 réponses

Dating. Im in the last relationship I will ever have. College. It was a great experience and I will always be ready to learn, but I'm ready to move on to the next step Moins

This was the stupidest question I have ever been asked during an interview. If you are good at something, why would you stop doing it! Every question I was asked was a no win question. I have never seen anything like it before. Oozing of paranoia and distrust of its employees. Moins


If you had a choice to upset a customer or close the deal and leave a bad feeling about the company in the clients mind, what would you do?

2 réponses

The actual interview question is: If you could have only one of the following, hitting your sales quota with some of the customers being unhappy or having 100% happy customers but not hitting quota, which would you pick and why? The explanation of why is the important part of this exercise and there is no "right answer". Moins

I would do the ethical action and not put closing the deal before treating the client as I would want to be treated. Not sure that they liked my answer, which is disturbing. Unethical sales actions are not win-win for all parties. Moins


You had to role play.

2 réponses

I did pretty good. You will always have room for improvement.

Role play during the third interview was not well explained and then the regional sales manager purposely made it more challenging and asked questions that one would only know if they worked for the company. The RSM played one role and a person from HR played another role. Their feedback was contradictory. The RSM played a very aggressive role - almost trying to prove a point more than interview someone with potential that would be a great asset to the sales team. Moins


If i had any B2B experience, which I did. I have extensive sales experience, and if i was able to work independently.

1 réponses

I answered with yes to all and then showed them my sales skills. I was not impressed with theirs. Moins

Engineered Products & Services

How much do you need to sell to adequetly earn your keep in a sales position?

1 réponses

10 times your income or more.

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