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Reynolds and Reynolds
On a demandé à un Regional Account Manager...18 septembre 2023

What do you expect as a salary? How many nights per week can you travel?

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I expected it to be within the range of the disclosure.


Q: What have you accomplished in your current role that you are proud of?

Cogent Communications

What databases have you used to acquire your past leads?

Hilti North America

What is your leadership style / failures and what you learned / leadership questions


Provide metrics of success from prior companies.


Why are you looking out?


How much do you need to make to live comfortably?

Red Bull

Be prepared to think on the spot to respond to real business scenarios.


Why do you want to work at KnowBe4?

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-Genuine interest in cybersecurity, so KnowBe4's mission is something I find impactful. Breaches not only disrupt companies but ruin lives of everyday people. -Culture. I'm seeking a place that rewards hard work while valuing continuous improvement, fun, and transparency. Moins


At your current role, how many cold calls do you make in a day?

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