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Incredible Health
On a demandé à un Regional Vice President (RVP)...23 mars 2023

Sell me this bike. WTF

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I didnt.

Thought the same exact thing. Anyone look to buy a solution or anything today is empowered and has already done at least partial research. Moins

What will be your most important contribution to the firm.

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The things you do best[Skill and Experience]


What kind of background I had and why I felt I was qualified to go to work for Aventura HQ

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With my experience in Healthcare and my knowledge of the market place in the Western United States more than qualified me for this position. Moins

Vibra Healthcare

1) give career overview in 1.5 mins. 2) describe managerial style in 1.5 mins 3) professional weakness and how to overcome 2 mins 4) how do I hold people accountable? 5) examples of c-level presentations I've given. 6) total compensation and what I expect. 7) long term professional goals 8) greatest success as a multi site latch administrator 9) overall interest level and barriers that exist to hiring me? 10) why I'm the best candidate. I didn't write how long I was given on the last several questions but the times ranged from 1.5 to 2 whole minutes to respond. Questions were reasonable screening questions.

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These weren't hard questions but the unattended video interview was rather impersonal. However, I'm rating the interview difficult because there was no one to interact with or read/react to when interviewing. Like having a conversation with the mirror. Moins


They didn't seem to bother knowing that I had been one of thier best sales people. They asked how or why my experience unrelated to the position would qualify me? Hum, let's see I did this for years and now you want to know why I'm qualified?

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HR people there have little or no clue about what is going on.


Why did you leave the company before?

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Because the person I reported too had perpetuated fraud and promoted others who did the same. Now one of them is in your Senior Mgnt, hence him not wanting me back on board with the company. Next time FYI - spill the beans and let them rot instead of gaining promotions and stealing from the shareholders. Moins

The Connor Group

DO you handle the sales of your company?

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Fisher Investments

Very focused on sales, which makes sense for the position.

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Bottom line, during all of the questions, no one really took time to get to know me. After speaking to 4 or 5 people that day, I told them I was not interested in receiving an offer. They seemed surprised so I explained 4 or 5 red flags that made me decide it was not for me. Moins

Fisher Investments

They asked about overcoming objections.

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Be prepared - you should have an idea of what client objections you might expect and how to overcome them. Moins


Tell me about your experience in working financial services.

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Provided details of my current role and my previous roles.

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