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Cook Medical Inc
On a demandé à un Regulatory Affairs Specialist...5 juin 2017

Are you dating?

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Not at the moment. Broke up recently.

Was this a real question? Was the interviewer coming onto you? This seems incredibly inappropriate. Moins

It was inappropriate. I didn't feel that she wasn't coming to me, but I felt she had an ulterior motive. Moins

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How many jellybeans would fit in a 747.

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How big are the jelly beans? What an odd question to ask during an interview..... Moins

The number is truly irrelevant. They are just looking to see how you think critically. Specifically they want you to ask questions like: what version of the 747? Are they standard jelly beans? Does it have seats? Does that include the gas tanks or is it only the cabin? Does it have to fly afterwards? Etc etc. Truly the answer could be anywhere between 0 and 2000000000. In case you happen to be wondering 2 years later, there are 13 models of 747 I believe. Moins

Two jelly beans would definitely fit in a 747. Other than that, I could only give an estimate... Moins


Are you able to work under stress conditions?

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Yes I am




Name one thing you have learned over the past year

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Spoke of my previous experience

Sorry I applied for the same and gave an interview now it was a short one too but they didn't ask or speak about the salary package. Is that a bad sign Moins

Sandoz International

Name a time when you had to overcome a challenge, long term goals, describe yourself, why are you a good fit for this role, what kind of manager do you like, why are you leaving your current position, why do you want to work at Sandoz, what do you know about Sandoz?

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Do you know if they run the background check on everyone that reaches the end of the interview processes? Or do they run the check on the person they will make the offer to? Moins

Specific examples, showed enthusiasm and great interest in working for Sandoz. Positive attitude, interest in company culture and role, asked questions specific to role's responsibilities. Showed that I am a team player and am versatile. Moins

Caption Health

We have no idea what a Director of Quality and Regulatory does

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On 06/27/17, I declined interest in the position when contacted 2.5 months after my last interview with the consultant who claimed the company did not have money to match my current compensation and I would not settle for less. The next day, the company had the gall to email me that they were not making me an offer "based on the interviews." As of 07/17/17, they are still advertising for the “Director” level position on their company website. Liars, liars, pants on fire... This company is extremely unprofessional, has no product in the market, and the people running it have huge egos who can’t handle a "no" from an applicant. Moins

Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback regarding your interview experience here at Bay Labs. We are a small, but rapidly growing start-up, and we strive for excellence in all areas. Our intention is always to put our best foot forward by making the interview process a positive experience for new candidates. We want to assure you that we take your feedback very seriously, and we apologize for any delays and miscommunications you might have encountered. We aim to learn from past mistakes, and are currently reviewing and adjusting our interview processes to improve the candidate experience. Thanks again for your candor, and best of luck to you in the future. The Bay Labs Team Moins

Gilead Sciences

Asked by a Senior VP: "With every person we hire, it dilutes down everyone's shares, including mine, and I have a lot. That said, why should we hire you?".

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With my experience and dedication to my work, I will contribute to enhancing revenues. Moins

I will help the company increase its share value/price

Why Kosei

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Research the company thoroughly, they expect a good answer here. Definitely be able to fully answer this question! Moins


Regulatory Affair Team - Where do you think you lacked in your last Internship assignment.

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- I tried to make the best given the limited time and resources I had.

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