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US Department of Veterans Affairs
On a demandé à un Medical Reimbursement Technician...29 juillet 2015

Why should we hire you for this job?

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To serve our Veterans, who have done so much for us.

I am very dependable, I'm a veteran and I have a desire to work for the veterans. Moins


What are your past experience?

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Explained my past positions and skilled.

I interviewed here as well within the past year and suffered the same fate. I had to email them only to be told they were not moving forward, though, they informed me with a poor choice of words for someone taking their time out to interview with them about a position. I also experienced the same so called HR individual who had questions for every single answer I had as if he was accusing me of lying and the information I was sharing was false. He was as unprofessional an HR person as one could be and he did you a benefit before you took a job at that half billed organization. Moins

Maxim Healthcare Services

What do you strive for each day.

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To be a better person.

To make people happy.


What is an uninsured code and how do you deal with it.

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It is when there is no code. You bill with the NDC , J3490 (usually), and the number of units. Moins

It is when a medication has no code.


Why should i hire you ?

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I have given answer for this question like, Sir, iam hungry for work, if i get a change in your company ill prove my self in short duration and i never let you down with my work. Moins

I have relevant experience in Global operations, i have learning attitude and flexibility. If i get a chance in organization ill prove my self with innovation. Moins

University Medical Group (RI)


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insurance followup experience


Would you be willing to come in?

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I was open to listening about the job. But they stopped that before it even began Moins


Provide me with examples how you were able to overcome challenges

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I provided specific examples of the work that I did and I used the STAR technique. Moins

BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee

What is your experience dealing with super large volumes of data and manipulating that in either Access or Excel.

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Had to honestly answer that I didn't have a lot of experience in the area of data management. Moins

I have about 7 years of actual experience managing large amount of data. We had to analyze weekly first pass yield data to develop ways of reducing time between claims submission and payment. Also had to obtain and arrange all the claims data needed for projects being worked between us and provider relations reps. Moins

Magna Health Systems

Nothing related to the kind of job you are being hired for

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