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On a demandé à un Junior Requirements Manager...26 mars 2020

Was macht das Requirements Engineering?

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Nimmt grundsätzlich Anforderungen der Steakholder an ein Produkt (Software) auf.

Cisco Systems

What do you like most about business requirements management?

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The people, figuring out how to solve the issues that come up, and keeping everything organized! Most of the questions pertained to my related experience and how well equipt I would be for the position. Moins

Welche Erfahrungen haben Sie im Bereich Requirements Engineering?

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Erfahrungen aus dem Studium im Bereich Software Engineering, sowie Erfahrungen aus selbständiger Tätigkeit nach dem Studium. Moins

Pierce Manufacturing

The one question that stood out: What is your motivation?

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Poorly, apparently. Of course I said my family, my future, my current financial status. It was a weird set up. Moins


Alle eher recht theoretischer Natur

American Collectors

How comfortable would you be requiring your license at night while training with the company?


Why did you decide to leave the current company?

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