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On a demandé à un Software Development Engineer I Intern...27 janvier 2017

DS, Algorithms.

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Review Leetcode, CTCI.

Hi, did you interview on Jan 27? Did the engineer ask about behavioral questions or resume questions or did they just jump right into the coding questions? Also I finished my second assessment a week ago but still didn't get a reply back. Was that normal for you? Moins

Hi, did you interview on Jan 27? Did the engineer ask about behavioral questions or resume questions or did they just jump right into the coding questions? Also I finished my second assessment a week ago but still didn't get a reply back. Was that normal for you? Moins

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Do you prefer to work alone or in a team?

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He followed up that crowd pleaser with "Me and my Pal Robert", in which he exposed the heretofore totally ignored soft side of everyone's favorite wife-beating-then-killing/multiple murdering/body dismembering billionaire landlord and all around pretty nice and funny guy for Andrew to go have dinner and talk with Robert Durst. He also quite ingeniously finally did what NO COP in the entire country had ever been able to do for decades when he got 100% irrefutable proof of Durst's guilt when Durst mumbled a few unintelligible, highly ambiguous sentences at himself in a bathroom mirror, like a mentally insane person would and have it be inadmissible in court, although his trial judge was shrewd and intelligent enough to draw a line in the sand and say no, no, the billionaire murderer/dismemberer who claimed he worked for the CIA, dressed as a woman, and was caught shoplifting some fresh fruit with $40,000 in his pocket was of completely sound mind and the incoherent mumblings were admissible and landed him in prison for the rest of his life. Later renamed The Jinx, because the subject matter was not considered edgy enough and the film's financers....financer....Andrew, wanted a spicier title to draw attention. Henry's other self-made multi-millionaire son Eugene kicked off his film-directing career by marching right into some figurative boss's office and insisting "Me love film. Me good. I am the guy. I need money." His father was convinced despite being skeptical at first and loaned him the millions he needed to make The Opponent in 2000, a movie lauded as corny, uninspired, and a waste of time, celluloid, self-respect, the already pathetic meagre dirty pile of reputation of Eugene, and whatever other resources went into its creation, by 100% of the 17 people who have ever seen it. The plot revolves around a woman who is tired of being victimized by her abusive boyfriend, trains real hard in boxing, then defends herself and becomes a professional boxer through hard work and perseverance. Henry Jarecki is very confident in the project paying off once he dies, leaves Eugene an inheritance, and is then no longer capable of requesting the loaned money back from Eugene. Eugene stressed that although he was a thoroughly aroused 28-year-old when he directed the film, it is a work of art and passion, and not an attempt to use the money he earned when his father handed it to him to pay millions to the Playboy Playmate in the starring role in a desperate plea for her to sleep with him because he was indescribably nerdy. "None of that is true. Pampered sons of billionaires don't typically dangle money in women's faces because they are socially inept and have no other, or faster method of encouraging the women they highly respect to sleep with them, and I am no exception." He followed that tour-de-force with bubbly and positive documentaries about Henry Kissinger, Ronald Regan, military propaganda, as well as forgotten pop icon Elvis Presley who has not yet been talked about enough. He also made a controversial film that expresses the heretofore unspoken suggestion that the Nixon-initiated 'War on Drugs' might actually be costly and destructive to the country, a brave stance which almost no one in the country has even considered besides brave, creative, original Eugene. Yes the Eugene with the Playmate boxer epic, that one. In the Elvis documentary he spits in the face of the elite rebelliously somehow by driving across the country in a Rolls Royce, to prove his point to the class of capitalist elites of which he is only reluctantly a member, and has simply not yet found the time or any conceivable way to give his money to poor people, although that is his top priority after the Rolls Royce journey. Moins

For anyone who read this far thank you for staying with me. If anyone ever has an interview for this seemingly horrible company owned by a man who seems to have enthusiastically created one of the world's worst families and records themself saying all of this verbatim, or even a significant chunk of it, I will send you $50 or whatever I can afford at the time. Anything I wrote which has the faintest hint of truth essentially IS true. Go ahead yourselves and poke into the backgrounds of these weirdos and find out for yourselves. Thank goodness we have these men on who we are able to rely for the future of our country!!! Henry and his boys!! Justice for all of the helpless victims they advocate for and defend like pedophiles, Henry Kissinger, Ronald Regan, the U.S. military, cash-for-gold schemers, and all the rest of the oppressed and downtrodden!! Hurrah!! Hurrah!!! If by some amazing stroke of luck any of the Jareckis happen to read this, I'd just like you to know that I am aware you are all absolute jokes and if you are not yet aware then please contact me and I will be happy to explain it to whichever one of you stooges actually believes that you deserve or can even EXPLAIN THE ROLE OF any of the idiotic, econo-babble titles and offices you all seem to hold in the myriad huckster enterprises you are involved in. Thank you for your time. The Jareckis stink. Moins

Trust me guys, THAT is the answer they want. You gotta be AGGRESSIVE! Yeah! Go get em! If you find yourself growing nervous as the interview approaches and doubting whether you can say any of the above, simply imagine any one of the Jarecki gang luxuriating on the beach of one of their Carribean islands and perhaps indulging in one of their other passions like promoting and defending pedophilia or army propaganda, while simultaneously they are underpaying abusive managers to shout bogus phrases of encouragement probably IDENTICAL to the ones I wrote above as a joke into the faces of poor hopeless employees even FURTHER down the ladder. "You know how I get my kicks guys?? Performing my assigned tasks quickly and efficiently while only asking your manager questions necessary for completion of said task, and smiling at work! Everybody now! *grabs miserable downtrodden employee by head and begins manipulating lips and repeating himself, as in a ventriloquist act. Employee lacks will to resist single iota and relaxes muscles so as to accept humiliation in most efficient possible manner with totally unwarranted hope that somehow, ANYHOW, this may lead to a $.75 raise* Moins

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HealthTexas Provider Network

Why are you leaving your current job.

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The environment is toxic and you can't give good patient care under those conditions. Moins

I love my previous job the staff and have learnt a lot but it is time to move on to new career. Moins

Office staff have to much has to much drama !

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Given a string, check for balanced parenthesis

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Did anyone hear back?

i still didn't get result

I got a rejection call a week after I interviewed :(

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Capital One

Walk me through your resume? How do you handle criticism?

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1) Highlighted my achievement 2) I take criticism as a learning process and it is an opportunity for you to grow and excel Moins

Were these the only two phone questions?

As a teen I have worked in the family business. Iced done sales, cashier, bookkeeping, inventory, purchase merchandise, planning and management, interview, payroll. I have studied business administration at Harding university. I took some time off. When home helped with planning and expanding of the family business. I have worked in the ER department, of what was then White county medical center, as a patient access rep. We moved to NY and I worked as a secretary assistant then later as a babysitter. Until the virus hit NY Moins

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Design a Data Structure SpecialStack that supports all the stack operations like push(), pop(), isEmpty(), isFull() and an additional operation getMin() which should return minimum element from the SpecialStack. All these operations of SpecialStack must be O(1). To implement SpecialStack, you should only use standard Stack data structure and no other data structure like arrays, list, etc.

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Use two stacks: one to store actual stack elements and other as an auxiliary stack to store minimum values. The idea is to do push() and pop() operations in such a way that the top of auxiliary stack is always the minimum. Moins

how it can be in O(1) all these operations

You have to maintain 2 stack. One is where first latest element is being added second is where the top element is the minimum one. While adding the element itself you can sort the stack to find perticular position with the help of a temporary stack(third stack) Below is the code for how can you add element public void push(int n) { mainStack.push(n); if(sortedStack.isEmpty()) { sortedStack.push(n); } else { int topnumber = -1; if(n= sortedStack.peek() && !sortedStack.isEmpty()) { topnumber = sortedStack.pop(); temp.push(topnumber); } sortedStack.push(n); while(!temp.isEmpty()) { topnumber = temp.pop(); sortedStack.push(topnumber); } } } } How to get minimum with O(1) public int getMin() { int n = -1; if(!sortedStack.isEmpty()) { n = sortedStack.pop(); } return n; } This will always return with complexity as O(1) Moins

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Vivo (Telefônica Brasil)

Se estou preparado para trabalhar em home office? Porque deveriam me contratar? Qual velocidade da minha internet?

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Bom, fui aprovado na dinamica de grupo com a Gestora, e o que eu posso dizer? Tivemos uma apresentação individual de cada candidato, algumas perguntas a respeito de nossas experiencias, e a dinâmica foi bem tranquilo, é dado um tema para cada grupo, onde devemos exercitar sempre a escuta ativa, raciocínio rápido para contestar as perguntas com respostas precisas. Posso informar, que no dia busque manter a calma ao máximo, e muita atenção redrobada, verifique se o audio esta bom, e mantenha a tranquilidade. Moins

As perguntas são bem específicas para a vaga a qual nos candidatamos, principalmente se for por home office, mas a dica que dou é: preste atenção ao que está sendo dito e as perguntas que lhe forem feitas! E responda de forma objetiva ou de forma criativa, haja com naturalidade e busque estar o mais calm@ possível. Pois apesar de serem etapas eliminatórias, não vi fazerem e nem me fizeram nenhuma pergunta, que fosse dificil de ser respondida. Moins

Pode contar um pouquinho da dinâmica de grupo?

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24-7 Intouch

Whats something that you think is a good is a strength?

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My attitude: happy upbeat, personable

As a result of practicing forty years as a lawyer I have learned patience and the ability to talk to people who are angry and upset This was particularly true in domestic cases Moins

I am anxious to keep working part time as I feel that this will keep me mentally alert Moins

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Seattle Children's

Why do you want to leave your current position and why? What makes you want to work at children? What regulatory experiences do you have? Have you worked with grading toxicities? How do you handle stress?

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I want a relocat

I want a relocat

I want a relocat

Can you give me an example of how to use awk?

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I wasn't familiar with awk.

Awk can be used to do a lot of the things Excel is used for, it is a programming language. to search for the word "Pants" on a line of a file and then print the third word, delimited by : you would do awk -F':' '$0 ~ /Pants/ {print $3}' Moins

Awk is a field processor in that it is capable of extracting columns( the spreadsheet columns for instance). A typical example of awk in Linux distribution is: awk '{print $1}' spreadsheet1.txt The above prints the first column of the file spreadsheet1.txt. More complex example of awk is using regex with it. For instance: (I) awk '/Tax/ {print $1, $2}' spreadsheet1.txt The above command searches for the word tax in the file, if tax is found in said file, it prints the first and second columns. (2) awk '{if ($3 ~ /^2012/ print $0)}' spreadsheet1.txt The above awk command gives a conditional statement which prints the whole document(notice the print $0 which means print all) if column 3 contains any row starting with 2012 Moins

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