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On a demandé à un Analytical Chemist - GCMS...1 juillet 2012

How will you develop a method by Chromatography for a high matrix ed samples?

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trial and error

Depends on the type of matrix . If proteins present, then electrophoretic method will be good but it's time consuming. If other species, then column and fractional chromarography would be ideal. Moins


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First interview Q's: Give me 3 words to describe yourself? What is your spirit animal? Tell me what you know about peptides (chemistry / structure / R groups whatever) Do you know what this company does? Can you explain to me "This experiment/project" on your resume? Second Interview Q's: Have you heard of glassdoor? What do you think of those negative reviews? Why are you interested in this internship? Tell me a little about yourself?

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first of all $15 is worse than flipping hamburgers at innout and that's after your done with internship...and have you heard of Glassdoor...duh and what I think about it? Your company sucks. Moins

yeah, if I didn't read your description, I thought you were offered to flip burgers at McDonalds. Moins

$13 to $15 an hour?? Here are people that are getting paid more: 1) My gardener 2) friend that works in a furnature warehouse 3) Jack In the Box associate from across the street 4) Guy sitting in an intersection holding up a sign that said "help, unemployed veteran..." ...and none of them got your Bachelor's. Just apply to McDonalds, at least you can get same pay with free meals everyday Moins

BlueTriton Brands

Was there a time when a supervisor asked you to do something you weren't comfortable with? How did you respond?

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I responded to him for the sake of the high position of him

And again I was comfortable for his request

Bridgestone Americas

Talk about a time where you've made a mistake and how you worked to resolve it?

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Yooh,I sad to same one she is uglier she became cross and stop greeting me.Than I realized that I make a mistake.Than I go to her to apologize buying here gift than things go bag to normal Moins

Fast have to come down and luke where I went wrong and resolve it with positive mind and learn from that mistake. Moins

I apologize and learn true that mistake and move on.


Have you ever complained about your advisor? If yes, what was it?

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Frankly, it was not the most difficult question, but I was really speechless for a while. Moins


I had read a lot in glassdoor and other websites what they usually ask. But I forgot the simplest question to think well about, and that was why I like the specific field of chemistry that I have studied and I want to work in that area. It is a simple question, but believe me, if you never thought about it, in some words that will convince public and scientists, it will be challenging to answer. The second thing I did not expect, and also not read in the interview-reports that I studied so far, was the end part of the interview when they asked me I can ask my questions if I have. I could ask a better and more intelligent question if I had thought about it.

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thanks for your comments, they were very helpful

The interviewer told me that she'll send my documents and a summary of interview to the manager and they will decide for further action. Moins

Microbac Laboratories, Inc.

When could I start? Do I have experience

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Start in April. I have experience in lab.

You can see what colleges I attended. They stressed lab methods

Mana Products

I was brought 2 lipstick samples and asked what the differences were. It was an entry level position I do not understand how one is supposed to know this answer.

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I guessed what the differences were correctly but did not use the correct language. The interview is not a teaching moment. It was odd. Moins

So what was the answer? If you do not mind me asking.

Amneal Pharmaceuticals

Basic questions found on resume

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Basic questions

Bsc chemistry


What's the favourite topic you like in chemistry

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Reaction mechanism

Analytical chemistry

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