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Emory University School of Medicine
On a demandé à un Postdoctoral Research Fellow...6 mai 2015

Questions were mainly research specific

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I tried to answer as good as I could

Hi, the information you posted in helpful, however I would like to know what kind of research question did they ask you? Werethe question were related to your past research experience, the techniques that you manage, or about your research plan? Did they ask you for a specific technique? Do you live in Atlanta? If don't, they pay you travel expensives? Thank you so much!!!! Moins

I strongly depends on the person you interview with. When you apply for a Postdoc position you mainly talk to the PI who wants to hire you. You will probably also talk to people in the lab because you are supposed to work with them. I have seen interviews that lasted an entire day, including giving a talk, lunch, talk to potential collaborators and dinner. If you apply for a T32 position they may be able to pay for your travel expenses. So it really varies from case to case. Read up on stuff they are doing in the lab. Show interest, Good luck. Moins

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Ministry of Finance and Development Planning Liberia

Do you know MS Office?

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Yes, I learned that in School. I am a post graduate now

Yes, i know M.S office


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National University of Singapore

What would you do if you face more failures than successes in your work?

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Currently am looking for Singapore Jobs. If any opening for foreigners.

I do not explain our work for fluent english

I'm working Singapore

Ministry of Textiles

Why u want to join for less salary

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Because I am interested

I have passed the diploma in textile design. I want to a job in ministry of textile. Moins

Tata Memorial Hospital

Why are you joining this organisation.

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Give as per organisation their working environment.

every day learning with newer modalities

Indian Agricultural Research Institute

Give a summary of your previous project. Why have you chosen to apply here? What are your future goals? Based on your research experience, they may ask some technical questions.

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Explained my previous projects, what techniques I have learnt and my general aptitude for research. Also, indicated that I wish to do PhD in future and applied for the job to explore new areas of science and wish to advance my skills and knowledge. Moins

Saha Institute

Diagrammatically describe a mammalian cloning vector

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I drew the vector diagram on the blackboard and labeled each significant part of it and then orally described its features Moins

Meds & Food for Kids

Why do you want to work for MFK?

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Whether I was planning on publishing many papers, and with which impact factor.

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That I was writing a number of papers, to be submitted to high-impact journals.

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