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On a demandé à un Research Operations Manager...28 juillet 2021

Explain a time when you encountered a difficult problem with multiple solutions how did you solve it?


They asked me to write an OO program to sort a table with 3 rows and 4 columns. Nobody in his right mind will do such a thing. Anyways, I wrote two classes, one for the data type and another for sorting. I figured they wanted to know if I knew OOP so I separated sorting from data, as it happens in every OOP lib or system on planet Earth. The 'unexpected question' was 'why did I you write two classes?' I explained I had two conceptually different things. They didn't get it.


Again based on which department/position you are applying for. However at any position the organization expects you to be logical thinker


What would you do in the first thirty days in this position?


I don't really remember any direct questions. It was very informal and confusing as the person interviewing me mentioned in the first few minutes that she had only been there 30 days.


Well it depends on the position and department you have applied for. However at any position and for any department the organization expects individual to have logical skills


being asked some questions which are supposed for an interview in academia, not industry.

Network Sunday

-My current and previous experiences -Personality questions based on my work experience


Tell me about a project you initiated. Why Wealthsimple? What excites you about this position?

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