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Carr Riggs & Ingram
On a demandé à Senior Accountant - Audit...6 juin 2017

The interview process involved three people from there company with the same partner I had spoken to on the phone conducting the interview. We repeated some of the questions and answers for the other two gentlemen's sake. The main question I was asked seemed to be why I would be interested in this position rather than the area most of my experience was in.

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I explained how I saw this position as related to my past experience and that I had done basically the same job several years ago. I also tried to explain why I would like to get back into this business. Moins


why did you choose this company? why did you choose Accounting?

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What are the last three books you have read for fun? If you could choose any three people from any time zone to sit down and have dinner with who would they be?

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