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On a demandé à un IT Global Business...13 février 2017

What I want to do after I graduate

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I said I want to experience a lot of the departments of IT and other MIS related positions before I know what exactly I want to do. She thought that was cool and then went on to tell me how the departments are intertwined and I will get a chance to work with people in all of them. Moins


What is the one thing that you are most proud of in your experience?

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one of my intern experience in film financing

Momentive Performance Materials

STAR Model questions

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Sensible discussion


What is the total cash compensation that you are seeking?

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I did not answer the question but instead asked for a range for this role which angered the internal UCB recruiter. I thanked her and ended the call quickly. Moins

BTG Pactual

If the company is facing an image crise, what kind the actions do you do?

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First of all, I suggest to organize a crise committee with seniors partners At last but not least, to centralize all information about the Bank, specially with press Moins


They basically wanted to be sure that I had a Bachelors Degree and that I was proficient in MS Office.

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My answer was Yes, and Yes...about 2 seconds


Technical background

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It went well.

Whirlpool Corporation

What do you think the appliance industry needs right now?

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"Appliances have become largely a commodity, and it's difficult to maintain profit margins on a commodity. Innovation is key. Take the Whirlpool Duet for example... a hugely successful product from both a marketing and profit standpoint. This is an example of new innovation that revitalized a common product (the washing machine) and convinced consumers to pay a premium above what they would normally be willing to. To answer your question, in order to maintain profitability and remain competitive, Whirlpool needs to stay ahead of the appliance industry by both introducing new innovations and improving on existing innovations." Moins

Schwarz Dienstleistungen

Warum haben Sie das studiert, was Sie studiert haben?

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Weil Informatik super viel Spaß macht.

Amtex Systems

What Targets have you handled ?

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About Us ?

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