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On a demandé à un Senior Proposition Manager...20 avril 2015

"How many people born in 2013 were called Gary? Tell us how you arrive at your answer"

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None of them. They didn't have names yet when they were born.

Sorry, I cannot work out how that question is relevant to me or the role. What would you like to know about me? Moins

One too many

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Tell me about a time you worked with a challenging stakeholder

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S.T.A.R format, look it up.

Phoenix Group

What have you done that has put the customer first

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Talked about changes to payment holidays (mortgages) following government announcement Moins

Thomson Reuters

Provided a one-sheet describing a market-pivot analytical scenario, given 30 minutes to digest and develop scope, strategy approach, and preliminary conclusions. Asked to provide a 15-20 minute whiteboard presentation.

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Provided full SOW, including assumptions, regulatory concerns, analytical process and outcomes, and graphic illustration of projections on hypothetical market outcomes. Summarized recommendations for action and future research. Asked to elaborate, leading to in-depth discussion on a variety of components of the assessment. Moins


Questions on the definition of the technology used in the industry.

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Summarising the aspects of the technology and how it is used to serve clients and manage businesses. Moins


Tell me about a time when you....

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Just talk about experience you've had based on work you've done that relates tot he competency they are asking about Moins

A1 Hrvatska

Questions were specifically related to the things I do (how would I make an proposal etc)

Swiss Re

Name your 3 greatest strengths

Thomson Reuters

How do you plan to support sales and marketing?

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