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On a demandé à un EHS Specialist Manager...2 août 2018

Could i assist in maintaining their compliance issues and get their program back on track because they didnt have one

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Place sucks and doesnt care as long as they are making money. Supervisor is an idiot .kid got chemicals in his eye because he is an idiot aswell . Lmao at that should have wore your ppe moron Moins

Go get a job at walmart youd be treated better

Biggest group of douchebags i have ever laid eyes on .management is the worst. Horrible wage .they lie to your face . Accuse you of stealing company items .how they even stay in busy is mind boggling. Constantly violate all safety regulations. Dont care about your health and safety. Seriously your better off being unemployed than working for these clowns Moins

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What is your relevant experience for this position

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Tell me about a time when....

It is matched with my skill and experience

It is matched with my skill and experience

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Questions regarding experience in the safety field

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I studied work safety from the formal education of D3 Hyperkes UNS. Then worked at the head office of the largest courier and logistics company in Indonesia. There I was a pioneer with the achievement of developing safety organizations, developing work programs and national budgets, with a concentration on building a Safety Management System, training, improving Industrial Hygiene, Emergency response, and CSMS for tenders to Oil and Gas. Then I developed a career in Oil and Gas on a 2D/3D Seismic project. There they deal more with construction, waste, hygiene, boat and ship safety, forest safety, and handling explosives. Next I made a career in civil aviation safety. The main activities are CSMS, HSE training for pilots, flight attendants, and ground crew, ERP, and office HSE. At Pertamina EP I was the HSSE Coordinator, on EPC and drilling projects. Its activities include guiding and supervising contractor HSE Compliance, teaching BST-LR and Emergency drills, monitoring HSE plan implementation, CSMS assessments, inspections, and assisting incident investigations. I also have experience teaching HSE on campus, from preparing GBPP to teaching HSE in class. Working experience in offshore, precisely in the Natuna Sea as an HSE officer on a pre lay survey project. Its activities include inspection of work facilities, emergency drills, monitoring of safe work, as a first aider, and assisting incident investigations. Moins

I develop HSE knowledge through formal education of HSE diploma and masters, as well as trainings as well as learning from my colleagues in the field. Moins


please confirm your desired compensation

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They offered me 18/h which is insane for this position

18 dollars an hour is a fair salary for Utah. I would take in a heart beat

EQT Corporation

How would you be able to help us in working with our new SAP software?

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I have experience working with Westinghouse when they were switching their SAP software to Ariba. Moins

I would love to come in and help out with the SAP Software, I can build with what I know already. Moins

Huntsman Corp

What is the difference between commitment & contribution?

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commitment is act of getting involve with a result while contribution is the act of putting impact but result not important Moins


How would you react to a disagreement with a fellow employee?

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Hi! As an Amazon employee who interviewed and hired a lot of people here, I've created a guide that has all the questions and winning answers from an Amazonian recruiter perspective. Please check it out at . Pls also check the positive feedback at the bottom of that page! Thanks. Moins

Take steps to try and understand the problem and come up with a mutually acceptable solution. Moins

REEB Millwork

What is your plan to turn around safety record

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I said produce a clear conscice plan after I review process's and curant way that things are done. Moins


How can you help us?

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You don’t wanna get it out of me omg was the night that night I wanna see y’all in a little late tonight and I’ll let ya go out to the rest and get back Moins

Chr. Hansen A/S

They asked why they should hire me over the other applicants. Which is a fair question, but one I do not like answering, personally.

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I was a very good match for the job, down to the bullet points of what the job requirements are and what they are looking for. Moins

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