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On a demandé à un Internet Marketing Analyst...19 mars 2013

A Russian gangster kidnaps you. He puts two bullets in consecutive order in an empty six-round revolver, spins it, points it at your head and shoots. *click* You're still alive. He then asks you, do you want me to spin it again and fire or pull the trigger again. For each option, what is the probability that you'll be shot?

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1/4 for pulling the trigger. 1/3 for spinning and pulling the trigger.

Hmmm.. I think the odds are 2/5 for pulling the trigger or 2/6 (which is the same as 1/3) for spinning and then pulling. There's 5 chambers left and 2 bullets, where would 1/4 come from? Moins

Consider where the bullets could be so they are consecutive: (BBxxxx), (xBBxxx), (xxBBxx), (xxxBBx), (xxxxBB), (BxxxxB). You have a 2/3 chance of getting shot on pull number 1. If you respin you still have that same chance, assuming the spin is random. Now assume the first was a blank. Only 4 of the cases above will work, and in one of them you'll get shot on a second pull. So your chances of getting shot are 1/4 on the second pull without a respin Don't respin! The two consecutive bullets makes this an interesting case, but what it means is that after a first blank you know *neither* bullet was in that position. This tips the probabilities just enough to make the right answer counterintuitive. The answer is just the opposite if there is only 1 bullet. In that case you should respin. Moins

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Half Price Books

I was asked for a pun about a pig, which is a very difficult question to answer when you're not expecting.

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Have a glass of swine. But don't hog it all.

What do you say to a pig who refuses to take a bath? Hogwash!

what does that have to do with a job for an internet help desk position?


stats question of russian roulette. (i am terrible at stats)

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shot 1: 2/6 shot 2: 3/6 shot 3: 4/6 shot 4: 5/6 shot 5: 1

(please disregard my previous answer) shot 1: 2/6 shot 2: 2/5 shot 3: 2/4 shot 4: 2/3 shot 5: 1 Moins

first shot 1/3 second shot 2/5 third shot 1/2 fourth shot 2/3 fifth shot 1


how many phone calls outbound do you strive to make every day

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i told them i strive to make between 50-60 outbound calls a day, was told id have to triple that just to get 3 appointments here Moins

Wow... I guess it could be different for each geographic area. I get one appointment per 20 calls now that I have refined my method. I'm in Fort Worth though so it might be different than Florida Market. Moins

Volvo Cars of Ft Myers

What makes you qualified for this position?

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Been selling cars for a while now.

I am very outgoing and accountable. I take my job seriously and I am willing to work as much as needed.. Moins

ROI Revolution

The analytical testing was the hardest. You can't prepare for it.

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The interview experience measures character, work ethic and integrity, in addition to IQ. I'm sorry you didn't pass, but the kind of account management we're looking for is closer to rocket science than monkey work. Moins

It's B.S. that they even make you take that stupid IQ test. They act like SEO/SEM is rocket science, when a trained monkey could practically do it. They tried to hand me that stupid test. I looked at it, handed it back to them and then walked out. It's insulting. Also, far to many 20's somethings, all working for some old guy...kinda' creepy. Moins


How do you clear the browser on Internet Explorer 10?

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Very carefully man, verry carefullly, far out.

Start by not using IE.

Mediacom Communications


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An IP troubleshooting tool ubiquitous across Windows, UNIX/LINUX and Mac OSX, and most network capable operating systems manufactured in the past 50 forku'n years. But anyone can recite this and Mediacom's Internet Tech Support interview focuses heavily on how the candidate handles subscriber hatred instead of just a simple, time limited tech skills quiz to glean. Anyone with basic experience opening Windows Network Adapter Properties meets Mediacom's standard of "highly skilled" while a truly competent systems/network administrator is overly lustrous for their support group to interpret. Moins

Traceroute (tracert.exe on Windows) is a ubiquitous TCP/IP diagnostic tool for determining connectivity breaks between endpoints such as ISP's like MediaCom and the end customer. Sadly, it is more useful for the ISP to absolve themselves of responsibility by claiming that since Mediacom can reach the end user, their cable service is fine and any connectivity frustration is the fault of the user and beyond the scope of tech support. This was the answer we were supposed to use when dismissively refusing to assist subscribers and it made them so angry WE DIDN'T NEED A PHONE TO HEAR THEM SCREAM. Moins


What did you do in the Army?

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I performed duties in various management, training and staff positions as an Ordnance Corps logistics and maintenance combat service support officer. Moins

I was never in the army.

Penske Automotive Group

Would I be willing to do Online video's as responses to customer inquiries.

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I would not decline.

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