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La Casa de Las Carcasas
On a demandé à un Retail Sales Representative...5 octobre 2022

How is your experience with sales and upsales.

Best Buy

What would you do if you saw an associate stacking boxes to use as a stepladder?

Best Buy

What is an instance where you have gone out of your way to help a stranger.

Holt CAT

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?


What was the daily routine luke and the areas focused on during the previous job.?

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The answer was focused on the KRA's and supported by examples to justify the same, with focus on numbers Moins


Q: Tell me about a time you dealt with an angry customer?

Christian Dior Couture

Why this position? Why Dior?


What my co workers would say about me.


what would you do in different scenarios of their day-to-day bases.

Disney Store

Role play: choose a product and “sell” to a potential customer

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