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The Hershey Company
On a demandé à un Retail Sales Representative...30 juin 2019

Can you describe a time where you had to give and receive feedback?

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yes All The Time

yes All The Time

yes All The Time

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When was a time you had to break policy to get the job done

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When a customer indicated how badly the sales process had gone. I offered him 4 free oil changes. That satisfied him Moins

Be as courteous and pleasant with the guest and resolve guest concern if you are able. Get a supervisor involved. Moins

If a customer need help looking for a product I will help them find it maybe even help them out with a quarter or two Moins

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Why do you want to work here?

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I liked the clothes and brand

Because I want to contribute positively to achieve the organizations goals

Because i know about this job and i have experience in this field

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Tell me about a time where you had to work in a team

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8 to 9 hours

9 hours

10 to 12 hours

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What is your 10 year plan with the company - threw me off guard because I hadn't really though that far ahead.

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Guarantee the interview stops and you're offered the job after this answer or at very least set you far apart from other candidates.. works in every interview even for a corporate job. Hope this helps. In 10 years i want to be in a management position. Leading my own team and working toward challenging targets. To achieve this goal, my short term objectives are to: step 1..establish myself within your team and learn as much as i can about your products and services in order to maximize all selling opportunities. step 2..I'm Naturally driven by achieving financial targets so I want to understand the commission structure in more detail to make sure that i achieve targets consistently. Step 3. I want to make contact with all my new accounts, (a) to understand all my customers and their needs and (b) develop plans for them for the next 2, 4, and 6 years. Step 4.. After consistently achieving targets over a long period of time, I will put together a training plan with my manager, understanding the skills i would need to develop in order to achieve my target of leading and developing my own team. By breaking down the 10 year plan into smaller and manageable chunks, I believe it provides me with clarity and direction needed to achieve this goal. Moins

There are benefits to keeping it concise, but also to making it lengthy and detailed. If it were me, I might just say that in 10 years I saw myself at the forefront of Verizon in a high ranking management position at headquarters. While I know that I have profound sales and marketing skills, I also know I am good with people and organizing workflow around tasks to accomplish projects both on the macro and micro level. Moins

Terrific answer to a dumb question. Their process is lengthy. I believe they are in a hiring freeze at this point. Be persisteny, call/email once or twice weekly until they either hire you or tell you that you didn't get the job. Moins

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The Hershey Company

Describe a time in which you had to deal with a difficult conflict and how you resolved it.

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*General recommendation: Answer questions following the STAR format (Situation, Task, Action, Result). I believe this was actually requested by the company in the automated, video interview. However, this is VERY HELPFUL to know IN ADVANCE. For example: The situation was FILL IN THE BLANK, so the task at hand was to FILL IN THE BLANK. To accomplish this task, I did FILL IN THE BLANK, which resulted in FILL IN THE BLANK (*AND RESULT SHOULD BE AN IMPACT STATEMENT). Moins

How long did it them to offer you the position after the last interview?

I can't remember exactly, but I believe it was within 3 or 4 days (one week max). Moins


Just you need to know about company and furniture assembly

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By reading about the company that way you find it easy an confident to answer

I am a auto denter, not carpenter

By reading about company you want to acquire more information to build your confidence when asked questions regarding its brand. Moins


When did you go above and beyond for a customer and about the sales tactics

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Just stuff from past experience

Just stuff from past experience

Just stuff from past experience


Why Nordstrom? Describe a time when you met or exceeded expectations. How have you calmed an angry customer and what was the outcome? How would you go about selling a particular style of shoe? How would you close the sale?

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after the third interview, I think they called after 1 or maaaybe 2 days. I would follow up by the second day - it can't hurt. Moins

How long did they take to call you back? Lol I had my 3rd interview last Friday and I'm like patiently waiting. They showed me exactly where I was going to be working and the stock room as well. Moins

Nordstrom's culture is in line with my own personality. Friendly and enthusiastic about clothing. I worked at an apparel store before and I was familiar with retail sales. Also, a background in customer service using soft skills to calm an angry customer. Moins


Tell me one thing about yourself that you'd like to improve and what steps are you currently taking to ensure a better/different outcome?

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Keeping promises to my family and friends. Following through with my word.

Enhance my previous work experience for a promotion.

Enhance my previous work experience to ensure customer satisfaction.

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