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On a demandé à un Robotics Software Engineer...20 octobre 2015

How would you store a web session for a chess game?

2 réponses

Again this was a question outside my area. But I said I'd use session keys / cookies. Moins

2D array of some custom enum that can represent all the chess pieces?

Boston Dynamics

there are 10 types of persons in this world?

2 réponses

Yes, there are 10 types of people in this world - those who know binary and those who don't! Moins

Those who understand binary, those who do not understand binary, and those that don't realize that the question could be using trinary! Moins

Genrobotic Innovations

What are inverse kinematics and which theorem it is based upon?

2 réponses

Answered as appropriate


How to simulate a drone for a parking lot to classify number of empty spots

1 réponses

It was straight forward from an Intro to CV course

Basic Robotics, Software, ROS etc. questions

1 réponses

I even failed to answer 1 or 2 questions but I answered rest very well and they were looking impressed. Moins

Twist Bioscience

C/C++: sort, array, hash table; C#: tree, garbage collection

1 réponses

Worked with interviewer to come up with solutions

Vecna Healthcare

One of the test problems asked to count the number of time the word "dog" appeared in a string of text - and then asked why the problem was an ambiguous one.

1 réponses

It's an ambiguous question because are you just supposed to find the word dog, or any substring that contains the sequence "dog". Like if I search through a string "He is a dogmatic believer of market economy". With the first specification, I will count zero, but I will count one with the second specification. Moins

Moley Robotics

I only remember one question about git blame

1 réponses

Explained what git blame is

Oneberry Technologies

How would you use the exponential function in your application without making use of the math.h library? Write the pseudo-code.

1 réponses

You must be kidding to have such question for the interviewee.


What do you look for in a company?

1 réponses

I said I was looking for honesty and transparency.

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