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Southern Counties Lubricants
On a demandé à un Director of Safety...8 janvier 2019

Why do you think you are the one for this position

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You have an opening, I am here for the interview. I would not waste my time or yours if I wasn't the right person for this job. Moins


Do you belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? (Asked by the CEO himself during the onsite interview)

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I didn't know exactly how to answer the question, so I told the truth. It was the second question of the interview. In retrospect, after that question, the rest of the interview was just a formality. Moins


Tell me about an experience where you had to lead and strategize a change initiative?

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How do you prioritize risk within your current role and how do you leverage stakeholders to mitigate those risks? Moins

UT Health San Antonio

What was my experience

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30 years EHS, With a MS in Occupational Safety and Health and Environmental Mgt


Describe a time when you had a difficult customer/patient?

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I explained a case where I over came the situation with patients and care

Network Homes

I was given several scenario based questions about buildings safety issues and asked to explain possible solutions, courses of action I would take to resolve these regarding the role I was interviewing for.

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I answered the question to the very best of my ability based on my knowledge and experience clarifying any points in the question or outlining any assumptions I made in my answer. Moins

Trinity Health

What would you do first when you arrive?

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Get to know key stakeholders, listen and learn

Modular Genetics

Do you have a problem with genetically modified organisms?

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No, Corn is an organizm that is modified but only naturally by cross breeding over time Moins

Cambridge Security Services

Did I have retail experience

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Yes extensive experience

Austin Industries

Do you have experience with Line Opening?

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No practical or hands on.

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