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First Solar
On a demandé à un Safety Manager...20 avril 2017

What is your idea of a successful job site.

3 réponses

One where everyone goes home at the end of the day the way they came in; with all their fingers and toes. Moins


making sure everyone feels like they are important to the team inclusion is everything. Moins

Aetna Integrated Services

How do you deal with uncooperative students?

2 réponses

Find something personal that you can relate to the student.

such as paying attention, following directions, asking for help when they really need it, and volunteering to answer. Moins


if you put 120Vac into a full wave rectifier what do you get out?

2 réponses

The answer is not half as the interviewer believes ( its half the peak voltage but that's not what the question asks) Moins

A banana

Robins & Morton

When can you get here?

2 réponses

I am available right now

When do you need me.

Brayman Construction

Are you committed?

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Yes, I am, but I how many hours per week are we talking?


Have you ever worked with a small sized company?

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Yes, i did. I believe working with a small and start up companies gives you a person new learning experience and exposure to new tasks and insights of the process and progress of the company. Moins

SunStreet Energy Group

What is your expected compensation?

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I gave a number that I made at my last employer after 27 years.

SunStreet Energy Group

Do you have transportation ? And are you ok with using your vehicle and reimbursement at the fed. Millage rate?

1 réponses

Yes I do and it's becoming standard in the industry.

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