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Sterling and Wilson
On a demandé à un Safety Officer...7 avril 2012

in case any worker does not follow to safety, then what are u doing??

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First I will explain him what type of work he will do & what type of safety precautions he will taken for job & that precaution not taken by him then Accident is occurred That may cause personnel Damage or any property Damage. Moins

I have stop the work & inform to Project manager & safety manager

Tata Projects Limited

they inquired about the circumstances in Srinagar and what do you conclude about it. First thing you'll do if you're appointed as a safety officer in an industry.

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I am ready to join as safety office immediately

Yes,I will join immediately

1.I will join immediately

U.S. Food and Drug Administration

why the shift to government vs private?

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wanted to learn the other side of regulatory

K LukHi

MAS Holdings

1) why am I swithing my current working organization,(because its been just 1.5 Years since i joined my previous employer) 2) How much do i expect. 3) how would i commute from my home to The company( distance is 30 km on side) 4) other questions were technical.

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35k per month

how much do i expect

how much do i expect

Metro Public Safety and Investigations

How much experience do you have in Public Safety?

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Any amount. Including 0.

3 years current with 6 total

Shapoorji Pallonji

Define the terms risk and safety?

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What is a safety audit? On what three bases does it operate?

Safety is freedom from risk.


How would tackle if there is major accident happened at site.

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First I see is there any casualty and if then i will take him to hospital. After that i will investigate the workers who were working there. And finally take the injured person interview . Find the root cause of the accident within 48 hours and make a final report . Moins

First I see is there any casualty and if then I will take him to hospital. After that I will investigate the workers who were wondering in there Moins

Qatar Petroleum

H2S, PTW System, Marine experience, Diving activity

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I answered not meet 100% as per they want

I have a H2S training card and i am eligible for PTW living in qatar working in dopet company i have a diploma in civil engineering my mob no 33404920. Moins


experience in oil and gas

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3 year experience in oil and gas construction and live terminals

Sorry I have Construction experience


Kharafi National

how to prevent incident on site

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through safety briefing

Provide safety training for all employees. ... Hold frequent crew safety meetings. ... Utilize protective clothing and gear. ... Keep the workspace clean. ... Maintain the equipment and tools. ... Prevent falls. Moins

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