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Rawabi Holdings
On a demandé à un Site H2S Safety Supervisor...4 septembre 2016

Are u willing to work in stress-full environment and work under pressure

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are you flexible with the time or work

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Yes I can commit


Yes I am.

Descon Engineering

why you elected our company for your Carrier

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I am surprised you got a job with that answer.

bcoz i hve to earn money and money is most impotent thing for our life

United Safety

What relevant (oilfield) experience do you have

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Described two years of previous relevant experience.

911 Industrial Response

Will you relocate

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Depends on the job

Descon Engineering

my first teacher name

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i knew my first teacher name


What does a successful Safety Program mean to me.

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A combined effort from Management to the hourly employee. A safety Program is only successful when it the people it effects the most utilize it. Through education, behavioral examples and positive reinforcement a leader can instill good safety practices. Moins

Pilot Chemical

They asked about my people skills with regards to working with direct reports and cross functional business associates.

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I gave real life (names anonymous) examples of how I'd worked well with folks in the past, both for getting to know direct reports, and how best to bring different parts of a business together when managing a project. Moins


Tell me about a time when you were faced with a difficult decision.

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I was Assistant Director at a Private Elementary School back in 05/2011. This was the month/year of the largest tornado outbreak in Metroplex. Naturally My Director always left around 12:00 pm and there wasn't any protocol for something like this. There I was in my 20's and solely responsible for the. Safety of 300 students & 25 employees. I had quick decisions to make. When to move the children and where? Will they panic? What about my own family? Are they safe? How to I get 300 hundred 2yr old - 10yr students quickly and safely to a safe zone? Our school was circular so most all classrooms had huge windows and there were only 4 rooms without. The classroom where small as well. The children were young so even moving them could be risk you and put them in a panic. During all this I had parent after parent calling the school letting us know tornados are coming. I quickly realized that answering the phone (even though it made most very upset at the time ... wasn't the way for me to protect their children. So I stopped answering phones decided to move quickly to the middle rooms and combining older children's classrooms together. I started by pulling fire alarm like we were having our normal monthly random fire drill. - this way there was no scared and traumatized little ones. Once everyone was safe zone and Keller was out of danger, I made tons of pop corn and homely them by in the rooms together. All the while playing weather man and keeping an I in storm tracker. After things settled I had teacher email, text, call parents to apologize and explain why we ignored calls, let know we were all safe and that their child didn't even know tornados were the reality that afternoon. Moins

Consolidated Contractors Company

how many accidents have you seen or been involved with?

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have seen a few but never occurred under my supervision

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