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On a demandé à un Sales Customer Service Representative...1 août 2012

i am fine and have no issues

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Well ,with my skills and experience can make a difference

My innovative sales processes, strategic planning, excellent communication,, agressive leadership would ensure me achieving your companies goals and targets Moins

Well ,with my skills and experience can make a difference

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Tell me about your sales experience.

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It's good and want to be speak polite to the customers and want to interact with them that he wants to like come back to the shop again Moins

It was quite exciting. Because different types of customers comes to me and everybody have their own need. So i always try to fulfill their needs,so that they can come to us again. Moins

It’s good experience to me because i can interact with different customers that make me more knowledge and good contacts with them and also according to that i can understand there needs so we can full filling their needs. Moins

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What does the law of averages mean to you?

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The more people you talk to the more sales you will achieve.

Credico does not have offices in Vancouver. Instead they have "Agencies" they partner with across North America. They use Credico's name. Beware when working for this company and their different channel sales partner. They like to brainwash you into a Multi-Level Marketing business model. works for some, but mostly for the owners. Moins

Don't most bussiness work in the owners favor?

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can you keep standing whole the day without some rest

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yes i do my best

yes I can

yes I should be flexible with my work under any circumstances

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State Farm

Why do you see yourself as a salesman?

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And I love to do a deep and personal Discover do you understand the need of a fantail and future members. Moins

Because I can talk easily to people.

Because I am a people’s person.

NB Handy

How would you convince a dealer that buys his equipment from a parts house right around the corner (from his shop) to buy the same brand of equipment from us? Since we are 2 hours away and they have to wait to the next day.

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......uh, if you knew that I would not be in here interviewing is what I wanted to say. I felt like this guy was getting more information from me that their entire sales force has. They love asking questions that they have no answers for during the interview. Moins

Lol this is so true, I bet the VP of Sales felt so proud after the interview he called the CEO and whispered it in her ear 🥰 Moins

Yea they like to drill down on you, but they don’t know anything about running a company! Moins

Clarity Voice

This was an interactive interview. Although there were questions, the interview was alternative to the common place HR driven variety. I was asked to write a response to a potentially huge customer on behalf of a C level executive. This was a real-life situation and it tested my ability to think on my feet, listen and craft an articulate, simple and info. packed response. I was asked to give an example of "doing the right thing". Moreover, I was asked to interact with different employees in different departments to accomplish small tasks. Additionally, I played the role of a Technical Support Specialist and responded to a mock call with an upset customer calling in.

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We are a values baed organization respected by our customers and our employees. We are proud to be recognized as "The Fifth Coolest Place To Work in Michigan 2014" and "Metro Detroit's 101 Best and Brightest 2015 Organization". Our interview process involves looking for those that will enjoy the culture we have developed and thrive in it. Moins

I answered by doing, thinking creatively on my feet and sharing. It will be up to you to think on your feet and accomplish the task and questions at hand. If you have the Core Values, the other technical things can be learned. This is a Values based organization and if you don't have that, then it won't be a match here. Moins

RDI Diamonds

They didn't seem to ask questions.

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I understand I was under paid as well for too much work to do there.

On a paper they had me fill out desired salary so I low balled it and said 40,000 and for the rest of the interview they told me how I was going to make no where near 40,000 the first year. Moins

Southern Glazer's Wine & Spirits

What can you bring that unique to the team?

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Navigation not clear on site, negative "vote" was not intended and could not be corrected. Moins

I referenced my background in the bar industry and my customer service experience and my ability to forge relationships quickly because people trust me even over the phone. I have had this "talent" all of my life. I am just easy to relate to and I consider it a unique asset. Moins

Mazik Global

Presentation of yearly budget plan

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I will do it after starting of work

I will do it after the job joining

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