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What was the most challenging situation that you had in your previous job and how did you handle it?

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Personal answer depending of your own experience

You need to make a sales presentation pretending to be an Amadeus employee

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Comment allez-vous vous y prendre pour démarrer votre mission ? Pourquoi nous ?

Could you name any design patterns? What are the tags used in Spring frameworks or in Java 8? What is the difference between JBoss and Tomecat?

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Usual questions: why did you apply, what do you know about the products (although few technical questions are asked as usually only people with a minimum of technical background are interviewed), where do you see yourself... And finally why you and not the other ones?

why have you been back to the university to get futher education ?

You are contacted by two or more Sales to do a presentation in a timeframe where it's impossible to cover both by yourself. What do you do ?

Biggest challenge for a PoC conversion in your previous job?

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