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Lowe's Home Improvement
On a demandé à un Sales Specialist...16 septembre 2010

Have you ever told a subordinat to do something and found out latter it was wrong? How did you correct it?

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You must be honest. This is your integrity on the line. There is nothing more frustrating or de-motivating than a manager who cannot admit mistakes. When you have admitted the error be sure to offer assistance in repair or damage control. Moins

You absolutely admit the error and take whatever corrective action is needed. As other posters said, honesty is the best policy. Don't fake it and don't make stuff up. If the situation REQUIRES a guess, then guess and still admit if you made the wrong decision. But don't try to cover your tracks. You lose credibility and frankly, you don't deserve it at that point. Moins

I've made that mistake. I apologized for the mistake and fixed it. Simple as that. Moins

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What didn't I like about my last job?

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Honestly and openly.

Last job 🤔 I don't know about your last job sir ..

Routine and lack of prospects for evolution my current job. is wearhouse supervisor Moins

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how many stores does apple have?

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about 300


463. 266 in the US, 197 elsewhere

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Bank of America

if I had a client on the phone and talked to them about upgrading to a better credit card with us, would I keep pushing the sale

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I answered no of course not but believe me they want you to push sales

that work in the management area, this should never be, there is a woman she lasted one day on the phone, before they just put her in quality control area, and keep in mind she was in a relationship with the bus support manager, now they are married, how unprofessional, you need to be a robot and take call after call, no putting on hold, don't think about going to the bathroom or sipping water there is no time for it, management monitors and you basically need to show proof that you had to go to the bathroom, but its ok for those to just sit around and do nothing. Moins

I would not recommend this company to anyone, if you want to be happy and not on anxiety medication because you did not sell something to their clients, and they don't take no for an answer don't work for this company, Years ago it was great until the site lead left from there it went down hill in the credit card division, its all political on promotions but if you get into a relationship with a manager, be sure you will get promoted, only company I know that allows relatives or relationships to be both in management, very unprofessional. You are a number to them and that is all. If you don't sell, you will regret it, also be prepared, they micro manage because they can get away with it now that the great site lead left over 4 years ago, terrible place to work, if you have a family emergency they tell you to have your family call the emergency line where a manager picks up always which is true, but if you have to leave even if someone is in critical care, when you come back, they tag team and write you up. I am being honest after working their for together almost 15 years and I did get promotions, I started to hate myself and people, because of management, they are horrible, but again if you get in and find a single manager and start a relationship you will get promoted even when you don't deserve it. Moins

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PNC Financial Services Group

If I were to hire you right now and told you to start working in the branch right now. What would you do?

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I would fist introduce myself to the team and any customers in the branch and make sure every one who walks thru that door knows who I am. Moins

I would start working as soon as possible

I would start working as soon as possible

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Why do you want to work in the paramedical industry?

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Paramedical seems to be a place where you can blossom into a beautiful flower where the sky becomes attainable. Moins

Because I have 18 years experience in nursing assistant

I have 18 years experience nursing assistant


What kind of outdoor activities do you do?

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Said I did some hiking/walking, and I told them my favorite outdoor location to hike. Moins

I ski and golf as well.

Some of the outdoor activities I do are snowboarding, mountain/trail ride, and run/walk/hike outside with my wife, and our two french bulldogs. We are outdoor family. Moins

Lowe's Home Improvement

Name a negative about yourself.

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I have a tendency to be an over acheiver and I've had people tell me slow down.

To detailed oriented for Lowe's

I am sometimes too attentive to details and obsess about being on time.


Tell me of a time that you were disappointed with your efforts to resolve a conflict between coworkers.

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I try not to use too many brain cells on a situation that, if it ever happened, I would have little control over. Furthermore, I don't know that it would be in anyone's best interest for a third party to take it upon themselves to intervene. Moins


Just watch all the retail videos, and prepare some really good questions! And smile! At all times

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Yeah I'm ready for interview

Always ready for any type of sales specialist interview


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