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Victoria's Secret
On a demandé à un Sales Support Associate...6 juin 2011

Why do you want to work for Victoria's Secret?

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the enviroment is really nice everyone is friendly and they seem to have an interest in the customers the minute they walk in Moins

I shop regularly at Victoria's Secret and I have never had a bad experience. Everyone has been very friendly when it comes to trying clothing on and finding a bra that flatters my body shape. Moins

I Feel As I Would Be A Great Asset To The Company & It Has Such A Welcoming Environment That Would Have A Sensational Outcome On Not Only My Work Experience But The Customers Experience As Well. Moins

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Omada Health

Can you send a 50$ giftcard?

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Not yet answered

Sending gift card/money is a red flag

I got the same email, and after few emails he or she said it passed. I got the email from Wei Li Shao Also, at the end of the email, he or she said install the software what he provides. I asked to one of Omada Health's recruiter. Just wondering that how he or she knew that I applied for the Omada Health. Moins

J. Crew

Availability. Why j crew?

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Um it’s not a “menial” job. It actually requires a ton of skill and patience. It’s very high stress and most people don’t come back after the first day. Think before you speak, your comment is offensive. Moins

me·ni·al /ˈmēnēəl/Submit adjective 1. (of work) not requiring much skill and lacking prestige. "menial factory jobs" synonyms: unskilled, lowly, humble, low-status, inferior, degrading; More I did think before I spoke and I said what I thought, thank you very much. this was a menial position. Moins

I literally opened boxes and endless plastic bags. It didn't require any skills beyond scissors and folding. Moins


Specifically describe a time where you had to handle a large volume of people and how you prioritized your tasks at that time. ( I wasn't specific enough when asked)

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the key to answering this question is to answer it as if you were in the situation in their store. the way i answer it was... when i was working for XXXX we would get very business. worse case scenerio happen pretty often; we would only have one person at a time on the floor. when it came to customers you must attend to them on a first come first serve basis, regardless of what the value of item it is that they will purchase. this prevents customers from getting angry at u. when working on my individual shelf of products, and a customer would come and ask me something, i always stopped what i am doing and guide to customer to what he or she needs, if i cant help, then i take them to someone i can. in that order, first come first serve, customers and lastly, individual responsibilities come last. Moins


Dell Technologies

Why do you want to work?

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To start of my career on a good platform such as Dell


I had not expected to do a 'mock sale'

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What did they ask you to "mock sell" ? please answer

First Stephanie, I need to add, I was just called to begin work/orientation & I start this Monday: My mock sale was related to vacuum cleaners. Moins

Victoria's Secret

What do you like about retail? What are your expectations? what hours and days you prefer to work.

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I believe my answer was formidable.

Well,the reason why i love retailing is because eversince i was young,i was really intrigued in fashion.growing up i have a very strong interest in fashion.and with my fashion knowledge i would most likely and i would gladly help out customers in need and promote new products or even product that would most likely suit them. well,i dont have much expecting to promote the product well and make sure they are satisfied with their needs. I absolutely would love to work any hour or days because i am willing to sacrifice my time to work hard and prove to all of you that i am able to commit in my job. Moins

Victoria's Secret

Why would you want to work for Victoria's Secret?

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Every time I walk into the store, I'm greeted by the best welcome and it's always genuine and I would love to be apart of that. Moins

I want to work for VS because of their concept of your company which is to empower women. Moins

J. Crew

Would you bend the rules if it was in the best interest of the customer?

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