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On a demandé à un SAP Security Consultant...25 février 2019

What is authorization and obj class define breif

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How you control violations

Crown Equipment

No difficult questions.

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I think I was turned down simply because I would not do an onsite interview within a few days. Moins

Robert Half

RHT will ask you for some specific citation on how you have facilitated return on investment through your work. The day of my interview I was emailed a form with two questions: Please provide three brief bullet points about yourself; what would make you most attractive to an executive who has the authority to hire you. Be sure to include specific industry experience (i.e. health care, pharmaceutical, legal services, government agency, energy) as well as your most recent and strongest technical skills. One of the services we provide to our Consultants is our ability to market their background into companies or projects, which particularly suit their experience. This process is very much enhanced with a 10 to 20-second testimonial listing specific accomplishments and the benefits of those accomplishments. Using the following examples, please take a few moments to write 2-3 testimonials about your accomplishments.

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These questions are specific to your experience. Think back on your career and find those projects where you have made an impact on the organization's efficiencies. Moins

Robert Half

Specific resume' questions.

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Be prepared to discuss specifics from your resume. If you state you have some expertise be ready to discuss it and how it applies to your responsibilities. Moins


What rate are you expecting?

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I gave a figure that was within their range.

NewMarket Corporation

NewMarket asked many pertinent questions concerning my job responsibilities. One in particular dealt with how to handle user access to appropriate amounts of data (e.g. organization levels and plant locations)

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There are several ways to approach this but I suggested using parent/child roles. A parent role contains all the appropriate transactions needed for the position tasks and a child role contains those transactions and limits the user to a specific range of data - plant, storage locations, etc. Moins

HCL Technologies

Nothing difficult was asked when i faced the interview rounds

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Not applicable

Danfoss International

How much experience in GRC

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Overall 10 years


What is derived roles and why we use it

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It is copied from parent role and here we add org field values

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