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On a demandé à un Scala Developer Beginer...28 janvier 2021

What projects have you carried out?

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I listed some projects I manage to do at my college including my degree work.


Coding Assignment: modified knights tour problem. Scala was preferred language.

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submitted the solution in a week.


To create a scala project

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I did deliver

Bank of America

Describe the Java collection framework

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For God's sake, if you don't know the answer, don't apply :)


1. Basic Scala questions and difference between Java and scala? 2. How do you write List and Array in scala? 3. Is scala object or function oriented? 4. Why scala is object oriented? Second Round: 1. Disadvantages of Hibernate? (I dont think there are any) 2. How to optimize an SQL query for better performance while getting data from 6 tables? (Never optimised, it works fine for any number of tables) 3. Can you integrate a website into an android application? (IDK this, never worked on android)

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It just seemed that they already got a guy, and just wasted my time. It's a premeditated failure from company side. Moins


What is the design pattern of their open sourced Sync Engine?

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They didn't know that their Sync Engine (public on GitHub) is the Model in the MVC pattern, but now that they know it, they may ask you about it. Their code is not up to open source code quality standards by the way. Moins


write an async scala microservice with RESTful API

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immutability, akka actors, finite-state machine


General Technical Questions (No specific Scala questions). Software Development Cycle Questions. White Board problems (two).

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Just google Java interview questions. They are very inexperienced in Scala. Just be aware of standard dev cycle concepts, such as continuous integration, continuous delivery, SCRUM, story/task estimate methods, etc. Won't give the white-board problems away, but they are pretty standard. Google for the classic ones. They are not strong on algorithms by the way. They probably Googled for a couple just for the interview. They seemed not to understand the problem they were inquiring about very well. Moins


What does SOLID mean?

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How do you check or review your colleague code?


How do you see yourself in five years?

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Don't remember my exact answer, but I believe there is never right answer for such question... Moins

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