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Oakland Unified School District
On a demandé à un School Administrator...3 juin 2013

No unexpected questions. You most likely will be asked how to use data to improve schools, parent/community engagement, discipline , philosophy of education

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I'd use the data to help implement educational strategies that are more effective, get parents involved through parent observation, volunteering, hosting family events Moins

I would share the data with parents, administrators, teachers so we can implement teaching strategies that are more effective and get parents more involved through volunteering, a potential parent observation day, family activities sponsored by the school Moins

London Borough of Lewisham

Compose a letter to parents informing them of the below detail (computer)

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Equality- the objectives are in the application pack and they specifically ask how these relate to the role - big thing for lewisham Moins

Vaccination UK

How would you handle a safeguarding issue

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Report to safeguarding team and refer to school

Spring Education Group

How would you deal with 5 things happening all at the same time, angry parent, hurt child, phone ringing, requests for materials and one more thing.

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I answered in the order of priority. What would I attend to first.

Invictus Preparatory Charter School

How have you used data to drive instruction?

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Walk me through the process of a lesson you taught recently?

Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools

What will you be bringing to our School.

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I have extensive background in all facets high school administration. Curriculum, buses, buildings, books, athletics, grant writing, to data dis-aggregation for school/department/ PLC decision making, I've done it all. I can fit in/fill in and do whatever needs to be done. Moins

Vaccination UK

Tell me how you stay organised in a stressful situation

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Lists Have everything in front of me visually

King's Valley Christian School

Ideas for the upcoming school year.

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I provided some ideas of how I would make some changes for the future.

New York General Consulting

How can your experiences help the company?

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I studied English Education and my experience in prior company gave me the ability to catch student's needs and fill them. Moins

Brightwoods School

Have you experienced a difficult customer? How did you deal with it?

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I said yes, and gave my personal experience and explained how I resolve the issue. Moins

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