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Rochester City School District
On a demandé à un School Administrator...29 juillet 2022

Why do you want to be xyz at school x?

1 réponses

I am ready to serve the school community at xyz level. Etc…

Vaccination UK

Tell me how you stay organised in a stressful situation

1 réponses

Lists Have everything in front of me visually

Vaccination UK

How would you handle a safeguarding issue

1 réponses

Report to safeguarding team and refer to school

Duke Academy

Please introduce yourself. What is this role about and how can you help our students.

New York General Consulting

How can your experiences help the company?

1 réponses

I studied English Education and my experience in prior company gave me the ability to catch student's needs and fill them. Moins

Art Institute of Chicago

Background and scenario questions based on experience

King's Valley Christian School

Ideas for the upcoming school year.

1 réponses

I provided some ideas of how I would make some changes for the future.

Brightwoods School

Have you experienced a difficult customer? How did you deal with it?

1 réponses

I said yes, and gave my personal experience and explained how I resolve the issue. Moins


When have you had to deal with conflict in the workplace?


Why have you applied for this role?

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