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Ventura Unified School District
On a demandé à un Administrative Assistant to the Principal Or School Supervisor...30 mars 2015

"Tell me about yourself and what in your education background prepared you for the job."

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I did not prepare because I was over confident. I gave bits and pieces of my work history which was very long and did not stress my education which was a mistake. I probably scored almost 100% on the written test. I probably did well on the interview also. Moins

Higher Ground Education

Why do you want to work here?

Academies of Math and Science

How do you handle conflict with a coworker?

Phalen Leadership Academy

Tell me more about your interest in Phalen Academies.

Worthington City Schools

tell me about yourself


What is your leadership style

Success Academy Charter Schools

You have 15 minutes to preform a demo lesson with candidates you have just met now in this conference room on a particular middle school language arts poetry piece you haven't seen yet and you are to present it to us in 10minutes as if the recruiters are the middle school students. Some will play the role as misbehaved students.

Department of Education Philippines

Why should there be a new curriculum whenever there be a change in the administration.

What are best practices for teaching reading

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