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On a demandé à un Science Teacher...30 juin 2009

Is it important to you to be friends with your students?

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This is a TRAP! The answer is NO. Exemple : "I have a very good relationship with my student and it is based on mutual respect. I represent the authority in the classroom. This does not mean that I can't listen to them, or communicate, give them advices and be accessible. But establishing friendship with my student would cross the line, and I would not do that". Moins

There is a difference between being "friends" and being "friendly". I strive to be friendly to all people at all times and I believe this attitude helps build rapport between students and their teachers; however, I do not believe it is appropriate to establish friendships between students and teachers. Moins

this answer sounds terrific. just wondering if it would add any value by stretching the reason for this clear distinction in terms of why this distinction is so important. any comments from HR specialists??? Moins

Would you be interested in teaching a younger grade?

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Teaching Early Learners is where I feel most comfortable teaching and have taught for over 25 years. I am able to create an environment that is fun and successful. Moins

Teaching Early Learners is where I feel most comfortable teaching and have taught for over 25 years. I am able to create an environment that is fun and successful. Moins

They were obviously interested in pushing me into a homeroom position in the Elementary. I am licensed for upper level science, so I answered that I wasn't comfortable teaching at a younger level. Moins

Where should a teacher be in the classroom during class time? (ie. should the teacher stay up at the board, back at their desk or walk about the room)

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The teacher should instruct from the front of the room, and then, when finished, walk about the room, offering advice and assistance to the students Moins

In different zones, mostly in the power zone, i.e among the students focusing on what and how they are working. Moins

Teacher should be back at their desk or walk about the room)


- If I am able to control a noisy class - What am I gonna do if students do not behave well

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To control a class you need to make sure you have a good relationship with your students Not only that, also while you teaching your lessons should he super interesting , in order for them not to be bored. If they are focused automatically they wont be noisy and class will be well controlled and busy Moins

Let the student "time out", away from the rest of the class

First i will try to make a good rapport with kids,i will talk friendly to each with mention their name and comment about their appearance,and ask about their favorite game,then i will tell to them",first we need to become silent and behave well,then we will play a wonderful game..if they continue their undesirable behavior,i just change their environment....i think these stratagy will work. Moins

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What types of challenges do you envision when teaching students with poor ESL skills while high and low context culture issues are active? To what extend would this impact content delivery?

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I answered that as a Filipino I have been teaching students in cross cultural settings for most of my professional life and that challenges will always arise in international classrooms and that they must be met with compassion. Moins

To summarize, Beijing 80 was accused of being xenophobic. Someone from the school then felt the need to "clear things up" by insulting original poster and saying that they are getting better at not hiring section 8s (low-income individuals) Beijing #80: possibly xenophobic, definitely classist. Moins

You say your interview was professional, then you suggest that you somehow stayed in touch with the school, or took time to develop contact with other applicants, and that you heard - from them - that they personally felt some unprofessional vibes? xenophobia or racist or whatever? Well, i guess that's very generous of you, to take time away from your family and friends, your own hobbies and past-times, to track down and follow up with applicants for a job you apparently did not get, and then actually interact with these other applicants, and offer comparisons of the quality of the interview with different sets of managers ( the latter, apparently, you never actually met.) Interesting. I can say this about the managers at 80; they're getting better at not hiring Section 8s to begin with....but as we can all see....some of them still find their way into the interview process. Moins


How would you help the students who didn't understand the lesson fully develop mastery?

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I would reteach the lesson

This wasn't a simple answer - we had a long conversation and really got into the nuts and bolts of creating a lesson to meet the needs of all of the students in a class. Moins

Connections Academy

Do you know how to use excel?

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Yes, I do know how to use excel.


St. Theresa School

The school has fairly high academic achieves but we have some students who are tested at very low levels. -how can you teach these different levels in one class and reach your goals?

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Set up several stations use differentiated instruction techniques to the lost student but also step up the lessons so as to provide a f Rich learning environment Kea for the remaining Ett Moins

How I would deal with students who have a very low level of English literacy.

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I said I would use other students to explain the problem to them

The Children's Creative and Performing Arts Academy

I was asked about my teaching experience.

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College chemistry and biology courses, discussion sections, and laboratory sections. Moins

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