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Spandidos Publications
On a demandé à un Scientific Copy Editor...19 janvier 2017

I was asked about the company and its journals.

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When did you interview and get a response by?

I did my research before hand.

Email conversation, test editing paper, and a conversation at Starbucks. He asked me few questions.

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The paper took about 3 hours to do.


Role play, a bit ridiculous for a PhD-level/scientific editor position. This should have been the first red flag.

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This simple request for role play exposes how a person responds to a situation posed. A creative person not handicapped by any identity would delight in the challenge and willingly role play despite any number of degrees and certificates. Moins


Why did you chose to work in the same profile after you quit from the same role?

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The industry I chose to work with had very limited growth options so it really did not matter if I changed companies, the roles always remained the same (mainly cause the industry was seeing a major down slide in the Indian Market). Moins

MD Anderson Cancer Center

Who is the current CEO of MD Anderson?

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The President of MD Anderson is Dr. Ronald DePihno

Universidad de San Buenaventura Cali

About the salary

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Initially a salary offered was one and at the time of hiring announced a smaller salary. Moins

Spandidos Publications

What 3 qualities do you believe you need to be good at this role?

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A high level of accuracy, organisation in keeping to deadlines, and good communication skills Moins

Cactus Communications

How long can you commit to this position?

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I can surely commit for a year and take it from there

Spandidos Publications

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

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What do you think the role involves


Give me 5 words that your former boss would describe you as a person?

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Just be honest & tell them what my boss describe me in my yearly report

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