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On a demandé à Senior Art Director...24 septembre 2012

Timed math quiz!

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I was there this week. Totally not what I was expecting. A math quiz that was timed. I'm still trying to figure out what was the purpose behind this. Moins

Asking creative people to take math tests is counterproductive and illustrates a total misunderstanding of their skill set. Moins

waste of time

Thomas J. Paul

from CD: "How are are you?" "Aren't you thinking of retiring?"

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Gee, you are the first company to initiate a discussion about retirement benefits this early in the interview, but if you would like to talk about them, go right ahead! Moins

Young & Rubicam

Why left last company?

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New opportunity. Challenge loving character. Awards.

I came for a short contract which is over and now looking for a different challenge Moins

J. Walter Thompson Worldwide

Do you know how to draw ?

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I said that I had taken drawing lessons and that I had a certain skill, but most of all I knew the process, and that insight information could be of utility for Art Direction. Moins

Impact BBDO

Usual question about projects, agency life, etc

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I answered clearly, questions were quite generic.

Deveney Communication

Do you prefer to write your own creative briefs or have them written by the account executives?

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Creative briefs come from account services, rarely from creative. If there is confusion there, I would need to change that process. Moins

Deveney Communication

Can you develop websites?

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Yes, however I choose not to.


They give their creative prospects a hypothetical brief.

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Not to be contrarian, but it seems like they may have had reason to pass. You applied for a Sr. Art Director position at a small agency. You are going to be asked to complete a test, and that goes for design, copy, account, or just about any other position. The task you were given may be thematic with the work you would be doing, but I promise you it was not a client deliverable, and not "free work." Moins

Venables Bell & Partners

What do you like to do on your free time?

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With honesty

OSP Group

where would i like to go from this position

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i would be very happy filling this position as a senior art director.

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