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Rain Bird
On a demandé à Senior Business Unit Manager...3 février 2016

How influential are you in your current role and what are some of the methods you use to ensure your customers are satisfied with their products?

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In my industry, an unsatisfied customer has the option of elevating concerns / issues all the way to the CEO. For this reason, my organization spends significant time on customer facing activities ranging from teleconferences to formal, face to face meetings. Formalized reports and summaries are produced and distributed to my organization's leadership team and elevated issues are addressed during internal meetings, as required. Moins

Your answer was very good; however, your approach is not correct. A better approach to take is that Rain Bird's name sells itself, if you aren't happy then too bad, there are plenty of other customers out there. Way waste the time on a few disgruntled customers? Moins

You also need to add that you'll find and hold someone responsible for the customer dissatisfaction, probably someone that was given responsibility with no authority nor resources, and then terminate him. Tony likes this. Moins

Rain Bird

What qualities and successes do you believe you can bring to this position from your current industry?

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The correct answer would have been "I enjoy terminating employees and will do so without question. I have a strong track record of terminating employees" Moins

Building high performance teams, exceeding the expectations of clients, and resolving product related technical problems are transferrable across multiple industries and products. Moins

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