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Sony Electronics
On a demandé à un Senior Channel Manager...10 octobre 2011

"How would you deal with someone who hates you"

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Firstly "hate" is a very strong word. Fortunatley for me I have never met anyone in business whom "hated me". At times we all have to deal with stakeholders with different perspectives - I like to keep discussions factual and focused on getting the best result for the consumer. Moins

Dealing with people who hate you isn't easy, therefore just understand that it is a negative part of life and it will make us appreciate the positive part of life; when you acknowledge the people in your life who does respect and love you. Trying to get those that reject us to accept us is a waste of time, so let that be the least of your worries Moins


I was asked typical channel account management type questions like who I knew at what partners. Did I have relationships with the partners leadership, sales and systems engineering team.

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I explained what relationships I had and who I would either have to grow or foster new relationships with. Moins

DotClub Domains

What was my prior role and employer? How many years there? What were my main responsibilities?

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Answered according to the questions provided and explained how domains are important for businesses to be online to relate to their brand. Moins


I was asked about my level of skill and scale in various marketing channels.

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I answered directly and honestly, highlighting areas that show exceptional strength. Moins


Why you want to choose Kissflow ?

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SaaS industry in India has grown over 30 % annually and Kissflow is one of the best and top's in the list.. I was haunting for a right place to explore , share my thoughts , ideas and grow along with the company and i feel based on my research, word of mouth , felt Kissflow is the right place to build my Carrier ... ! Moins


General behavioral questions about how I handled various scenarios with my prior role.

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Definitely prep by reviewing the leadership principals, which Amazon HR will recommend when they send your phone confirmation appointment. Moins

Zoom Video Communications

Apart from the carriers, are you equally comfortable engaging the integrator/reseller side of the channel.

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I answered that I had extensive experience across the integrator and service provider space. Moins


Which channel partners specifically would you go after if hired?

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I listed a half dozen potential channel partners that I would prospect into.


Qu'est-ce qui te motive le matin pour aller travailler?

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Être dans une équipe qui en veut, qui se fait confiance mutuellement, qui sait être sérieuse mais prendre le temps de rire aussi, qui sait gérer la pression sans pression! Me sentir utile :) Moins


Tell us about your experience where you got caught in a situation where you should not have been in the first place.

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i took this time to work this out as i wanted to highlight an experience which will be relevant for the job i was interviewed for. That dint go too well. Moins

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