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Mitek Systems
On a demandé à Senior Cloud Engineer...4 février 2020

What are you doing when you not working???

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What do you think? Probably working for free at Mitek? Why would this matter over anything else? Moins

G Forces Web Management

One of the questions on the technical test was to dump and compress a database

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mysqldump -u user -p databasename | gzip > databasename.gz

Deutsche Telekom

HR/Management: what are my expectations, what kind of experience I have, etc. Engineer: all questions were directed at my knowledge about the technologies used in Azure, eg. networking, servers, etc.

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I could answer the questions based on my studies, work experience, all information is accessible online, in books, etc. Moins


Mostly about you on HR and languages.

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Just being honest.


A million and one items in an array. you have one extra (million and one) what algorithm would you use to get that one element?

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I could use a loop to and stop at one million, but this is terribly in-efficient. Or, I could just randomly pick one element and be done with it. There is an algorithm to do this though, and I would have to look it up. I don't know the algorithm off the top of my head. Moins


Showed some code and asked what was wrong with it. They did provide guidance on what they were looking for.

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Syntax errors, best code practices


- How did you hear about Graylog? - Why are you in the market for a new role? - Talk about your experience with CICD pipelines, AWS, Terraform, ansible, Kubernetes, etc...

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I discussed several pertinent examples for each piece of tech, highlighting pros, cons, challenges, and accomplishments. Moins


Based on company values

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Tell me about your experience with Puppet?

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I had early beta stage experience with open source Puppet as well as experience deploying Puppet Enterprise at previous role at Federal Civilian agency. Moins


They asked me to go through their IQ and skills test after which they asked me for a 1:1 interview.

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After I passed their automatic test, the recruiter from Klarna contacted me for the interview. First interview was cancelled minutes before by the recruiter although I specified multiple days and time slots for them to pick from. The second interview, they never showed up to the interview! I waited 30 minutes and eventually sent them an email asking why they never showed up. No response! Extremely unprofessional and I do believe that the recruiter had racist reasons to discriminate against me. Moins

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