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On a demandé à Senior Consultant Change Management...11 juin 2018

Phone screening - It was just typical interview questions like - Why Deloitte, Have you worked in Change Management, Strentgths, Weakness, Ability to travel and pay package expectations. It was a good friendly discussion Senior Manager Interview - The Senior manager was very friendly and asked me indepth questions about my work experience, my favourite two projects I worked on, how I managed stress, How i dealt with difficult people, have I ever managed teams, Open to travelling etc Assesment Centre- There was a room filled with about 8 candidates, First task was to summarise a 10 page client document to present to Deloitte CEO as one page, second was interview with director to present a 10 minute presentation on case study (given one hour to prepare), next was partner interview where indepth questions about my work were asked and finally group discussion (about one hour)

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Hi, Please can I have some more details on each stage of the assessment centre? It would be truly appreciated Moins


The most difficult question for me what " Are you good with details?

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yes .. ( although I am bored by details I do know the need for them and therefore engage and contract with others to cover that aspect of the work ). I am a strong pioneer, connector and strategist - and great with people. Moins

Federal Reserve Board

How many years of experience did I have


What experience do you have in change management?


Explain how change management supports programme delivery

Clerestory Consulting

Tell us about a time where you implemented a change in a process, and what was the result.


Not sure, all questions were pretty generic


1) describe the work you have done in your previous firm 2) walk me through/tell me how would you create a process for an arbitrary firm requesting services from this department (proposal and requirements) 3) You have 2 hours to create a presentation (3 cases given)

Thames Tideway Tunnel

What makes you get up and get excited about work

Self Employed Womens Association

Why do you want to work here?

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