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Richmond American Homes
On a demandé à un Senior CopyWriter...3 décembre 2010

Tell me about the most difficult project you've worked on, and what outcome was.

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when i was handled diabetic patient;[ im only reliever] my co-worker inject a highdosage of insulin , the patient suffered hypoglycemia,and im awaked almost 3 days without any rest. Moins

that is true moment,for me hundle diabetic patient,check the insulin ,if the blood sugar is high i follow dr. order,the to hyperglicemia,follow dr. order all the time. Moins

Diabetic [non-insulin dependent can cure thru oral medication or exercise,while insulin dependent ,we monitor blood sugar ,if the blood sugar is high,i give injection it depend to doctor order, the same to hypoglycemia. Moins

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What excites you about DDG?

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Sounds like you are totally right. I came here to check up on them and....not one person below was offered a position. Something doesn't smell right with this company. Moins

I understand you're upset about not getting further in the interview process, but your logic doesn't really make sense to me. Why would DuckDuckGo farm out work to potential candidates when really you have no idea about the company, how it works or it's values? Would they not just hire a freelancer in that case, rather than going through the process of putting up a job listing, interviewing someone etc. ? I'm still involved in the interview process at the moment, yes it's a little different, but I've had no problem with it so far. Some of the posts here seem to be coming from people that feel like they are entitled to a job. Perhaps you just weren't a good fit for the role? 🤷‍♂️ Moins


What competencies were important to me as a marketing writer?

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Downvoted mistakenly.. m extremely sorry.. it's a perfect answer

Along with a solid and diverse background, empathy is number one. A thorough understanding of both the client's business and needs, and how our agency's execution can best support those while meeting our own goals. Moins

Tzumi Electronics

I was asked for samples of my long-form and short-form writing samples, and I wasn't sure which kind would be preferred for the particular job description at the time.

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I had both long- and short-form samples in my portfolio, so I showed a broader range of the work that I can do. The company was still in the developing phases for forming the DNA, so I did what I could to offer changeability and versatile styles. Moins

This is a false comment. The interviewee was not offered the position, and the opening was not for Senior Copywriter at all. Moins


They as a series of extremely specific situational questions. "Did this + this + this happen to you while it was raining outside and how did you handle it?"

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You just have to find an experience in your background that relates in any way to the question and do the best you can. It's a very grueling process but not the end of the world. It's the way they test you and set up interviews with no intention of hiring that makes this company uniquely difficult to deal with. Moins

To be clear - the interviews were scheduled weeks in advance, but canceled within just hours of the actual interview. Moins

Which are the various platforms you are familiar with?

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Wordpress, all social media platforms, crm tools, google analytics, Moz, SEMRush, Moins

Arc Worldwide

Why do you want to work at ARC WW?

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Stupid question since the place is like a factory!

Campbell Ewald

Do you usually work with an art director as a team?

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As a copywriter at an ad agency, of course I work with an art director. What kind of stupid question is this? Moins

DimNiko Agency

They asked you a bit of your background in your own words. No specific questions except are you comfortable with their terms of work.

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Like I spoke with a friendly face I just met.


I didn't find any of the questions unexpected. And they weren't difficult in the sense that they were tricky. They were really good questions-- it was a very transparent and straightforward process, which I found refreshing. I took them through my portfolio. They asked me some questions about my experience. They asked why I wanted to leave my (then) current agency. Then they asked how much money I wanted. Finally, they gave me an offer.

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I told them I was unhappy with the lack of guidance I was getting from my manager at my current agency, as well as the lack of growth opportunities. Moins

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