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On a demandé à Senior Engineer Customer Relations...14 septembre 2020

First Round was with the Hr, After that they will send you five pages lengthy application form which you have to fill for the second round. Second round was with the Sales Manager. If you qualifies this round than You have to clear online personality and aptitude test, The aptitude test is very difficult, 60 questions in 60 minutes. If you clear both the tests than final round will be with Sales director. I was disqualified in the last round.

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Tell the names of the five customers and applications where our pump uses.

Commercial National Bank

Firstly askedsay something about you?

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My name is ....I have been working here for 9 yrs .I started my career k s a as a sales executive in a int'l Perfume co.and gradually I earned with field experience including with different assinged work as well as various designations like ........ Moins


sell me on meltwater products and services

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