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On a demandé à un Senior Software Engineer...2 décembre 2022

They asked me dot net basics,mvc ,web api related questions.


Binary search on stream of array


Didn't happen because recruiter ghosted after scheduling the interview in the first place.

EPAM Systems

-Common Java interview questions. -Java live coding session -Development tools & Design Pattern questions -Overall anad Java Security questions -Frontend concepts and modern fw questions


You’ll get some react questions


Did not reached to interview round


How to find the first 2 matching numbers in an Array.

New Relic

In the architecture interview, they ask to design Twitter

Provident Credit Union

This was a phone screen. We went over the job description+benefits+salary.

S4G Consulting

Interés en el crecimiento personal. Formas de solución ante un hipotético problema con el cliente. Preguntas técnicas sobre el producto entregado. Metodologia de trabajo.

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