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How the viewpager is implemented?

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When a fragment is loaded, the next one and the previous one are in cache.

Add in xml , create adapter , send fragments instance to adapter instance , the viewpager will show fragments by order

The question were purely Technical, more to do with baseband systems rather that LTE related (nor relevant to the job title). The HR interview questions were very general, more to do with competency questions.

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Q: Comment ferais-tu scaler une recherche full-text d'une infra postgres vers une architecture capable de traiter du très grand volume?

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What has been your best success story

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Etude d"un code en C++. Paradigme object Questions classique sur le language. Questions sur les structures de données Questions d'algorithmie

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Calculate how many ping pong balls can be placed inside an airplane with an approximation of 10%

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Spring, Java, Hibernate The technical interview is an exchange session, no Question / Answer format

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What is the algorithm to choose the best BGP route?

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The exercise of technical interview seemed invented 2 min after interview started. Two interviewers have jumped in without preparing anything. Finally after a wee pause the one of them asked me to provide Scala implementation of a list. When I asked to precise what kind of list he meant, his answer was - immutable linked list.

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