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Why are you leaving your current job?

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Want to have an experience in Software Vendor and be at the forefront of digital transformation for client by crafting the value proposition of API & Integration

Describe yourself Explain why you have to use Smartly instead of FB Business Manager How do you fit to the company values "We want to know if you can design video templates from a product feed" " we want to create dynamic ads, how do we make it"

Donnez-moi un exemple de situation où deux problèmes apparement disctincts ont, après analyse, trouvés la même cause

2: question managers parcours profession, pk expertis., savoir expliquer les dossiers traiter et missions + teste simple de compte sur les bases

How do you get your results? How well do you work under pressure? Are you used to reporting into the US?

1e entretien: parcours et motivations 2ème entretien: questions opérationnelles 3ème entretien: négociation, perspectives

Les quelles sont valeurs de CGI?

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