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St. Jude Medical
On a demandé à un Senior Manufacturing Engineer...22 septembre 2016

Why are you looking at St Jude

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I believe so. Pee in a cup. But if you are not doing drugs there is nothing to worry about. Moins

Did you have to do a drug screening? If so, what type?

Globe Composite Solutions

Questions regarding background and several "what if" type of questions

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Described my past work experiences and highlighted skills required for the position. Provided examples including Problem / Solution / Results. Moins

Nexteer Automotive

Have you ever purchased new manufacturing equipment before?

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Pratt & Whitney

Everything lol, my background and interpersonal skills

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I believe I did great

Rockwell Collins

Describe a situation in which you had a creative solution to a problem.

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The interview team asked about my relevant experiences and how those would help me in this position.

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I pointed out my diverse background and experiences and highlighted how each would benefit me in the new position. Moins

NorthStar Medical Radioisotopes

Questions related to the position description, and how that related directly with examples from my experience.

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STAR - Situation, Task, Action, Result I prepared some examples that demonstrated the skills, competencies, and values that Northstar was seeking. Moins


Tell me about the situation when you ....

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Explain the situation, how to handle, the result related to the past experience.

Crane Aerospace & Electronics

None that comes to my mind. Mostly, why are you leaving your other job?

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Be honest


Questions around job description Behavioral questions

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Aligned prior experience to current job description Behavioral questions around leadership, technical such as dimensional, or basic engineering concepts Moins

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