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On a demandé à un Senior Marketing Programs Manager...2 septembre 2013

Type will provide you with a case that you must solve. It will normally be an issue or problem they had in the past or a currently working on. They will want to see your thought process. They will be looking to see how analytical and creative you are.

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You just need to know your stuff and be able to defend your response and be ready for additional follow-up questions. Moins

ZINFI Technologies

They asked me to do a presentation on starting up a new business. While it was an interesting assignment, I was not sure how they were evaluating me.

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They asked me a lot of questions on marketing, sales and various technical aspects of their products. I wish I had seen a demonstration of their software earlier, but my process background helped. Moins


Describe a product launch from a marketing and collateral perspective?

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I described a global product launch from a previous employer.


What do you want to talk about?

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When interviewing with Rob, the CEO, this was one of three questions he asked me. Fortunately I was prepared and had a list of topics for him. Moins


What do you think makes a person successful at Dolby?

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Uh...that's kind of a dumb Q for someone who hasn't worked here before?


Do you know what position you are interviewing for?

Big Fish Games

Why Big Fish? What is your experience with game industry events?

Whole Foods Market

They will definitely ask you what core value you like the most so do your homework! They may also ask what your favorite product is in-store.


How would you handle a situation where you are in the middle of a project and someone brings a new idea to the table or questions what is being done?


What would you change about the way you worked at your last company?

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