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On a demandé à Senior Medical Writer...4 février 2011

So this gap in your history was for personal reasons- what were you doing then?

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Traveling and doing volunteer work.


Frankly my interview was a milk run--like they just wanted to be sure that I didn't have 2 heads!

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I left because when Merck bought S-P they were doing a huge review of the medical writing job function, and word was that remote work would not be supported. Moins

BGB Group

What is your management style?

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This one stumped me. I am in medical and my previous jobs have been almost always scrambling so whoever is available manages. No time for style and I look forward to learning at BGB now. Moins

Real Staffing

How I would manage several priority projects at once

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I would work with the team to set realistic timelines to ensure deadlines were met Moins

OPEN Health

My availability to start the job.

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I answered that I am available to start after 2 weeks' notice is provided to my current employer. Moins


All the questions were easy to answer. They used the STAR method.

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All the questions were easy to answer. They used the STAR method.

Lucid Group

How would you drive engagement with a symposium?

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Talked about interactivity, tying in topics with other congress activities, leave materials that offered further ways to engage. Moins

Ashfield Healthcare Communications

All questions were fairly straightforward

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I answered all questions clearly and honestly. All of the decent people I interviewed with have since left the company. Only the toxic members remain. Moins


Experience in writing and how I managed difficult teams.

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Experience with processes/procedures related to MDR and MDD as the position is for a CER writer.

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Examples of previous work

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